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2019 Barclays Biz4Biz Awards

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have been nominated as a potential finalist for the 2019 Barclays Biz4Biz Awards in the Category ‘Best Family Business’ and 'Best Technology Services Provider'!

This is the largest Business Awards in Hertfordshire and is Organised & Sponsored by Barclays Bank – NBM’s Bank for 30 years & also as you may or may not be aware a Bank I do quite a bit of consultative work with alongside NBM within SME organisations.

Our nomination & recognition by such a prestigious organisation such as Barclays is a fantastic achievement and to be recognised as a successful business in Hertfordshire (When you consider there are 10 of thousands of businesses in Herts) is a testament to what we are ‘collectively’ achieving here at NBM … The reason that we have been nominated in the ‘Best Family Business’ is due to the fact that in 30 years the business has been under the stewardship of my family & that we also have a ‘family’ approach to how we conduct ourselves as a business...

As we know with all business awards once nominated it is all about the number of Votes we can achieve allowing us to reach & attend the Awards night where we will hope to secure the award so I would be really grateful if you could take 5 mins to cast your own vote as employees of NBM and also reach out to our customer & our suppler base contacts to ask for them to cast a vote as well .. Even ask family members to cast a vote if you can … ALL VOTES COUNT!!

Vote for us!

From previous nominations and awards the PR from these nominations & awards is priceless & this nomination by a financial institution such as Barclays reaffirms in this volatile market place to our customers the stability & continued success of NBM now & moving forward :)

Your support in making this a success for NBM is really appreciated.

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