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There are three ranges of Riello UPS available from NBM, VFD, Line Interactive and Online variants.

VFD – A Voltage and Frequency Dependent UPS or ‘Offline’ device means that the unit switches across to battery supply when there is a power loss. These models include the iPlug, iDialog and iDialog Rack units designed to support loads from 400 – 1600VA.

Line Interactive – These Voltage Independent UPS models operate where the output and voltage are not independent of the input, but there is stabalisation to reduce variations. These units are commonly classed as Line-interactive with AVR function. Riello models of this type include Net Power, Vision, Vision Rack and Vision Digital and are available to support loads from 600 – 3kVA.

Online – Online Voltage Frequency Independent (VFI) systems are regarded as ‘high-end’ and employ more sophisticated technology, which uses a rectifier and inverter, a technique called ‘double-conversion’ to effectively isolate the load from virtually all types of power supply problems. Versions available in this type from Riello include, Sentinel, Multi Sentinel, and Master ranges, designed to support loads from 700VA – 800kVA!

For more information on the Riello UPS solutions that can be provided by NBM or to discuss a project that requires a UPS solution contact the NBM Sales Team.


Product Code: Riello

Manufacturer: Riello

IPG 600 UK

Product Code: UP07-1001

Manufacturer: Riello

IPG 800 UK

Product Code: UP07-1002

Manufacturer: Riello

IDG 400

Product Code: UP07-2001

Manufacturer: Riello

NPW 800

Product Code: UP07-3002

Manufacturer: Riello

NPW 1000

Product Code: UP07-3003

Manufacturer: Riello

NPW 1500

Product Code: UP07-3004

Manufacturer: Riello

NPW 2000

Product Code: UP07-3005

Manufacturer: Riello

VST 800

Product Code: UP07-4001

Manufacturer: Riello

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