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FOCIS Duel™ Fiber Optic Connector Inspection SystemFOCIS Duel™ Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System

FOCIS Duel is a self-contained twin-ported Bluetooth connected fiber optic connector inspection probe with integrated screen. The first port (right hand side Port 1) is fully featured, identical to AFL’s FOCIS Flex. The second port (left hand side Port 2) features fast and convenient female “click-in” adapters, auto-focus and 2X zoom capabilities. The FOCIS Duel can perform IEC, IPC, AT&T and userdefined end-face cleanliness analysis and store Port 1 images and reports locally.

The AFL FOCIS App (iOS and Android) provides a comprehensive and user-friendly feature set as well as connectivity with AFL’s cloud-based aeRos® workflow automation platform.

2018 BICSI “Best in Show” Award Winner

FOCIS WiFi2™ Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System

Introducing the next generation fiber optic connector inspection system that uses an Android or iOS wireless connection for live image video streaming, auto-focus and more! FOCIS WiFi2 is an ergonomic fiber connector inspection system that, when paired with an iOS or Android smart device, provides fast and accurate IEC/IPC/AT&T compliant and user-defined pass/fail end-face cleanliness analysis.

FOCIS Flex Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System

FOCIS Flex is self-contained fiber connector inspection probe. Its innovative, ultrafast auto-focusing system auto-centers, captures and analyzes the optical fiber end-face, displaying “Pass/Fail” results on the built-in screen in one push of a button. Results can be transferred wirelessly to smart devices or FlexTester OTDRs.

The FOCIS Flex offers built-in pass/fail analysis to updated IEC 61300-3-35, IPC, AT&T or user set criteria. The device can also be used for OptiTap and MTP/MPO inspections with AFL adapters. All FOCIS Flex kits include TRM® 2.0, Test Results Manager software to prepare and print or save connector inspection reports using results uploaded from the FOCIS Flex to a PC. Download the free FOCIS Flex App to archive results and prepare inspection reports using AFL’s aeRos cloud-based workflow management software. FOCIS Flex App is available for Android devices from Google Play and for iOS devices from the Apple Store.

FOCIS Flex is available in a 'No Wireless' [NW] variant, which removes the Bluetooth and WiFi functionality for use in RF restricted facilities.

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