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Hanwha Techwin

Introducing the Wisenet camera range from Hanwha Techwin

Wisenet Camera technology gives you something to really focus on.

Wisenet Q Series

Wisenet Q series Quality entry level IP network cameras

Wisenet Q series is a quality range of 24 indoor and outdoor cameras in 2MP and 4MP, with fixed and varifocal lens options.

  • The cameras all feature True Wide Dynamic Range, Defocus Detection, Hallway View and Lens Distortion Correction.
  • 24 cameras in the range, including bullet, dome and vandal dome.
  • Available in 2 and 4 Mega Pixel with fixed or varifocal lenses.
  • Ideal for small to medium sized installations in retail, banking, offices and transportation.
  • The cameras can be installed on entrances lobbies, parking lots, elevators, hallways, aisles and more.

Wisenet X Series

Wisenet X series eXtreme performance high end with analytics

Wisenet X cameras benefit from the most powerful DSP chipset ever incorporated into a full camera range.

  • 28 Cameras in the range, including bullet, dome, vandal dome and PTZ
  • Available in 2 or 5 Mega Pixel and with fixed or varifocal lenses with an all new supercharged chipset, 512MB Ram and half terabyte on-board storage.
  • The Wisenet X chipset provides users with the flexibility to run multiple third party specialist analytics, including applications like number plate reading (ANPR), audio analytics, and queue management.
  • Ideal for any end-user who wants a powerful tool to combat criminal activity and create a safe working environment, with the option to achieve more by taking advantage of applications on a powerful, open platform chipset.

Wisenet P Series

Wisenet P series Premium top of the range 4K Ultra HD

Wisenet P series cameras are the premium top of the range 4K camera models.

  • All of the cameras deliver outstanding clear, sharp images up to 12MP, ensuring
    every detail can be seen.
  • 8 Cameras in the range, include bullet, dome, vandal dome, fisheye, panoramic and PTZ.
  • Wisenet P cameras provide a highly effective solution for end-users who need to capture exceptional quality images for evidence purposes.
  • Typical examples might include casinos or banks where every detail is vital.

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