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Innovative products such as RapidNet, both copper and fibre-optic versions are supplied to installers across the UK.

The recent addition of the high-density VHD fibre optic solution allows the deployment of large scale data centre installations through innovative use of the RapidNet solution.

Our partnership with HellermannTyton means that by using their products for your cabling system gives you peace of mind, in the knowledge that the system will be installed easily, will perform well first time and will continue to operate to the same high level throughout its life. Ultimately the choice of HellermannTyton significantly reduces the risk of your project.

The Benefits of HellermannTyton:

  • Quality Of The Products, The Designs And Materials
  • Components and cable are designed for quality, not to minimise costs.
  • Reliability and performance on installation.
  • Longevity – products will continue to perform throughout their life.
  • Performance – consistent and high performance against the international standards.

View our range of HellermannTyton products

HellermannTyton also offer a whole host of solutions, which our team can help you get the most out of, so if you want to know more about any of the below, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below:

  • RapidNet
    HellermannTyton’s fully patented pre-terminated, pre-tested modular cabling system, eliminating the need for on-site terminations and reducing installation times significantly. All terminations are housed in the RapidNet cassette, ensuring complete protection and strain relief of the cables.
  • 2 Post Patching Frame
    The 2 post patching frame and vertical management solution from HellermannTyton provides high quality cable management and equipment access. The open frame design and large capacity cable management makes this ideal for installation in telecommunications rooms and high capacity patching areas within data centres.
  • Connectorised FST Closure
    The connectorised FST closure has been designed for the aerial delivery of customer drop cables, either via a pole or the facade of a building creating an external demarcation and test point for the network connections. 
  • FTTH Customer Connection Point (CCP)
    The Customer Connection Point (CCP) is a Building Entry Point (BEP) which provides a fibre termination and network demarcation point external to the connected premise in a Fibre to the Home (FTTH) network. It also presents a network test point outside of the customer location.
  • Fibre Facade Enclosure
    The Fibre Facade Enclosure provides a cost effective secure solution for installing pre-terminated drop cables in Fibre to the Home (FTTH) applications.
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