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01442 838 500



Smart Data Center Cabling

R&M cablesPhysical network infrastructure for your data center of the future: modular and intelligent!

R&M’s physical network infrastructure solutions create the data centers of tomorrow through manageability, scalability and flexibility.

Data centers are at the heart of any business IT capability. Independent of their respective sizes, high availability and peak performance are required all-day, every-day.

As networks are designed, deployed, scaled up, and replaced, infrastructure managers are struggling to keep pace because of complex architectures and operations processes.

You can solve these challenges and meet the expanding needs of cloud servers with R&M’s data center solutions.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise, coupled with high-performance network cables and a centrally managed physical infrastructure support you in reducing deployment time, minimizing unplanned outages and infrastructure management costs. This increases the time available for strategic activities and ensures an automatically documented delivery process.

Cable management

Communications networks have brought about permanent changes to our world. The thing that remains constant, though, is our desire for the best, most reliable way to exchange information with each other. This is an area where R&M is making a key contribution. We have set as our goal the development of the most advanced IT infrastructure and data center management (DCIM).

Continuity and customer focus

Well-known enterprises have been placing their trust in R&M’s expertise for decades. Their trust is based on our sophisticated, powerful cabling solutions and the unceasing support we provide to our customers.


A real end-to-end solution

As a total supplier with an integrated systems approach for fiber optic and copper cabling, R&M’s comprehensive range of data center products and services help you finding the optimal cabling solution, saving costs by reducing installation and reconfiguration time, whilst keeping the future requirements of your network in focus. Our products and services are affected by the close, cooperative partnership with our customers, and our employees with their long-term experience.

Get in touch with us today if you want to discuss how we can help you with R&M solutions. Call 01442 838 500 or email

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