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As enterprise data center bandwidth demands grow and require higher capacity and throughput, modular fiber connectivity systems have become the solution of choice.

Netscale Fiber Cabling are high-density multi-stranded cables which form the backbone of the data center. Available in different fiber counts up to 288 fibers, the trunks reduce the installation time by consolidating multiple sub-units into a single cable. This approach significantly reduces the overall diameter of the cable and provides much better space utilization of cable routing channels.

Netscale Fiber Cabling is customizable for significantly faster deployment and allows simplified migration to 40G and 100G, supporting the fiber density you need today and the flexibility to achieve higher bandwidth networks. The portfolio is available with OM3, OM4, OM5 and OS2 fibers.

As Netscale Fiber Cabling is fully terminated and tested in the factory, network infrastructure deployment can be accelerated, with reduced costs and errors – helping you to bring your data center online in less time.

Flexibility to Adapt the Physical Network

Netscale Fiber Cabling delivers efficiency by ensuring 100 percent trunk fiber utilization at 40 and 100G. The solution’s QSFP+ Conversion Cables breakout 12-fiber connectivity from the trunk into 8-fiber connectivity for 40/100G transceivers. SFP+ Conversion Cables aggregate four 10G SFP+ transceiver modules with LC-Duplex ports in a 40G QSFP+ transceiver with an MPO port.

High performance in operation

There are many ways how cables can be compressed or pinched in a data center environment. Netscale Fiber Cabling is supplied with bend insensitive fiber as standard in both multimode and single mode cables. This fiber maintains its optical performance – even with bend radii to as little as 15 mm.

Improved handling

Netscale Fiber Cabling is manufactured with state-of-the-art connectivity. Operators and installers benefit from R&M’s innovative push-pull design of the LC-QR connectors. The connectors can be positioned in the highest density fiber solutions with no negative impact on installation times.

Largest Cable Divider for Netscale Assemblies

The Big Divider from R&M for multifiber cable assemblies can divide 288 fibers. Fields of application are high-density trunk and breakout cabling in  data centers and buildings.


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