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R&M / Prime ODF

Fast and simple installation in environments with little space as well as sites with high fiber density.

The compact and versatile PRIME optical distribution modules are suitable for the flexible use of fiber optic terminations. They enable fast and simple installation in cramped environments as well as at sites with high fiber density. The tool-free system approach and the high modularity guarantee uncomplicated migration into new and existing network infrastructures.

R&M PrimeKey benefits


  • Migration both to existing and new network infrastructures
  • Front or rear mounting in 19’’ and ETSI racks
  • Modular application (pure splice, splice patch, breakout applications, fiber storage)

Simple installation

  • Front access to connectors
  • Tool-free installation of the 3U sub-rack
  • Simple and secure routing of loose tube cables to the splice trays
  • Fine distribution of the fibers to the individual modules
  • Terminal block for transport tubes

Reliable operation during maintenance work

  • Greatest network availability thanks to optimized fiber routing (moving channel)
  • Connection detection without having to pull out the drawer thanks to front access
  • Simplified cleaning and inspection thanks to service position of connectors
  • Consistent fiber management concept in the R&M ODF rack
  • Fast fiber recognition thanks to an intelligent labeling concept
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