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01442 838 500

01442 838 500

Redetec® is the leading 19” Rack Mount Cabinet Fire Detection and Extinguishing System on the global market, providing localised fire protection to the most valuable assets within the data centre comms room, eliminating the threat to business continuity due to fire.

Cost Effective Solutions

Redetec® solutions do not need extensive design calculations, room strengthening or costly wiring. Installation, commissioning and maintenance costs are all reduced in a more cost effective solution.

Fire Protection Where It Counts

Redetec® puts fire protection at the point of greater risk; for faster detection & fire suppression; ensuring continuous asset availability & protection.

Budget Friendly

Why protect a whole room when you can concentrate on protecting high risk, high value equipment in the cabinet. Redetec® uses less extinguishant gas and moves with the cabinet with no need for reinstallation.


Following a serious fire incident:

28% of businesses recover
29% close within three years
43% never reopen

Point Detection

Point detection

HSSD Detection

HSSD detection



Redetec® utilises accurate and reliable UL and LPCB approved detection, from Point Type Detectors built in with the option for remote detection for further coverage to proven and extremely reliable High Sensitive Smoke Detection (HSSD) for mission critical applications.


Redetec® has adapted the room protection properties of FM200 (HFC227ea) and the zero Ozone Depletion Potential - environmentally friendly - Novec1230 extinguishing gas into the self contained extinguishant bottles, each capable of protecting a volume, of 1.5m3.


Redetec® cabinet fire protection solutions are designed to suit a range of applications, whether 19” rack mounted or otherwise. Each Redetec® unit as standard comprises a complete fire detection and suppression solution, managed by our own internal controller.
Designed to comply with recognised fire detection and control design standards, Redetec® features include fully supervised detection and release circuits, abort, hold, low pressure and gas released inputs and outputs. Along with Volt Free change over contacts to allow easy integration into Building Fire Alarm and BMS Systems.

Case Study: Buckinghamshire NHS Trust

Spec: To provide fire protection for 32 cabinets in 3 Data centres spanning 3 Hospital sites without altering the fabric of the building on each site.

Solution: To install a Redetec® unit in each cabinet and link to the individual Hospital Fire Alarm systems, fulfilling every requirement of the clients demands.

Get in touch with us today if you want to discuss how we can help you with Redetec Rack Mount Cabinet Fire Detection and Extinguishing solutions. Call 01442 838 500 or email

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