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The simplest labelling solutions on the market, tested to the highest specs!

Silver Fox have independently tested the adhesive on their labels to ensure they can withstand data centre environments.

Our partnership with Silver Fox means we are able to offer specialist Hassle Free labelling, meaning – it’s easy to install, saving you time and money.

Whether you are a contractor, up against tight costs and deadlines or an end user wanting to do the job quickly and easily, Silver Fox solutions are a very good fit. As to durability labels are extensively independently tested for a variety of demanding real world conditions.

patch panels

Silver Fox offers solutions tested to the highest specs, and ensure they comply with industry standards and more.

  • Solutions deliver maximum time savings
  • The end result – the printed labels – are long lasting and highly durable
  • Performance is backed by extensive independent testing (see individual data sheets)
  • Quality is reliable and consistent 

NBM highly recommend the Fox-Flo® Tie-on Cable Labels - Fox-Flo® is a special UV stable LS0H (Low Smoke, Zero-Halogen) material they have developed to ensure the highest levels of durability. Typical applications would be Rail/Metro and buildings where LS0H is part of the specification. It can be used externally and in marine environments.

  • London Underground Limited Standard LUL1-085
  • Very high Oxygen Index levels
  • 8000 hours successful NDT accelerated UV ageing
  • Salt Mist Spray according to Lloyds Register Type Approval System

The 10mm labels are available in two across and the 15mm labels are available in three across to save time when printing.

Fox Flo Labels

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