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Vertiv / The Vertiv VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Center

Feel Your IT Edge

Strengthen your network edge in days and without hassle, as our latest pre-integrated data center solution simplifies the deployment and management in edge IT, thanks to the pre-assembled and factory-tested power distribution, high-precision cooling, and smart monitoring.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could see what the VRC-S is made of right now, on-site or in your living room? If you could closely look at every sub-system and how they work together to deliver unmatched performance for your network edge? Or if you could see the invisible functionalities that make it the best micro data center out there?

Then why don’t you?

Bring the VRC-S to life though the augmented reality capabilities of Vertiv™ XR, available on Google Play & App Store.


Grow Your IT Edge Your Way

You know best what your edge is. So why not grow it your way?

You can do that by deploying a micro data center where all the sub-systems work seamlessly together to help you reach your goals. Then, you’ll want to tailor the solution to optimally support your gear, while also standardizing deployments, for easy scalability.

You’ll also need to make sure your new system will operate smoothly and that your equipment is going to have the optimal functioning conditions, in every scenario. Last, but not least, you cannot build your edge without full system visibility and remote management, right?

If that’s what you think too, then we’ve basically talked about the VRC-S. So, now’s the time we stop talking and start doing: take the VRC-S micro data center for a test drive, on your own terms.

Immerse yourself in the interactive augmented reality exploration with Vertiv™ XR

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