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NBM Finance provides a Lease Rental option that helps spread the cost of a new solution over its useful working lifetime. This allows clients to relate day to day benefits, with day to day costs; whilst potentially making notable savings over the term of the agreement. Our facilities can be tailored to fit in with their exact requirements, and we can offer both lease or hire purchase options.

All inclusive and flexible

All relevant system costs including hardware, software, implementation, training and support can be incorporated into a lease rental agreement. Put simply, your lease payments are the only ones you need make. Our lease facilities also include a simple upgrade path enabling future additions of hardware, software and services to be easily incorporated into the agreement without financial penalty.

Cost saving benefits

It is worth noting that rentals are normally classed as a revenue expense and are therefore 100% tax allowable. Additionally, valuable cash resources can be retained and used to drive other areas of business operation providing a significant return. Businesses refer to this as a Return On Capital Employed (ROCE).

Fixed Price Support

If required, you may receive the certainty of a fixed price support contract for the period of the lease. Support charges which usually increase year on year in line with the Retail Price Index, author increases to the reseller or reseller operating cost rises.

For more information about the iTECH Lease Rental scheme or discuss a project where this facitlty would be useful, contact our sales team.

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