The past is your lesson, the present is your gift, the future is your motivation.

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Part of what sets us apart is our thirst for knowledge with new technology and products and finding the right solution for our customers!

Remember your first technology project, spending weeks to research and days to deliver, and hoping that the solution provided was what you had promised? Remember the time it took, spending numerous alterations to make it work just because a few faulty parts?

I remember my father being a frustrated consultant back in the day and why NBM formed to create a better future for technology consultants.
Today it's not just about providing the best products and services for each project, but an encompassing relationship of help and advice, of leading workshops and being able to pass on 30 years of experience and knowledge.

We want you to benefit from our endless drive and energy, our fresh and fun approach, our desire to create new possibilities and how we care about you as a person, which today form the purpose and values guiding our business.

Ultimately we are inspired by you to challenge industry convention, to grow and build on your success, because with the opportunities that we provide - anything is possible.

We are connected to help you with the following areas:

  • Pre-Staging & Commissioning
  • Sourcing
  • Product Enhancement & Packaging
  • Global Logistics
  • Technical Expertise
  • Financial Solutions

We would love to offer you the help and advice that will make the difference with your next project.

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What our clients say:

  • My Company W3 Datacom Ltd has been a client of NBM distribution for over 20 years, I have always found them to be helpful when building and designing cabling infrastructures for my clients.


    w3datacom Ltd

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