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Leviton 3mm End Stop Push-fit

Product Code: BR21-1511
Manufacturer: Leviton

To complement and complete your Blolite and MicroBlo installation, Leviton have a selection of plastic bodied pneumatic tube connectors which can be used for tube routing. The connectors have a variety of forms and are all rated for the maximum working pressure of 10 Bar. The connectors are installed with a simple push-pull technique and can be re-used several times.

The connectors and accessories available are made for 3, 5, 8 and 12 mm tubes as follows:

• Straight Connector - For connecting 2 equal size microducts

• Straight Screw Connector - For connecting 2 equal size microducts and eliminating movement at joint

• End Stop - For blocking of the end of a redundant tube or temporary sealing

• 3mm Connector - For conencting 2 equal size microducts

• End Plug - For blocking a straight connector when a later connection is required

• Bulkhead Connector - For attaching a microduct to a panel or wall box

• Dust Cap - For preventing the ingress of duct duing installation

• Gas Blocking 'T' - For use with resin to provide a gas blocking seal where required

• 8mm - 5mm Reducer - To reduce from 8mm to 5mm MicroDuct at termination point

• Termination Splitter / Stem Converter - For use at the end of a duct route to divert fibres into different termination points

For further information about the range of Blolite / MicroBlo accessories see the datasheet.

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