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Leviton Secure LC-LC OM3 Duplex Patch Cord Yellow - 2m

Product Code: BR16-7512
Manufacturer: Leviton

The Leviton Secure Lock system comprises of secure patch cord, blank adaptor plug and extraction tool. The Secure LC patch cord prevents unauthorised port access or changes as it can only be removed using a unique keyed extraction tool, making it ideal for creating a secure area within a Data Centre or IT network.

The Duplex LC patch cords will plug into any industry compliant Duplex or Quad adapters or interfaces. The locking plug closes off ports, restricting access and offering dust protection. When fitted the plug can only be removed with the correct tool.

The keyed extraction tool unlocks and releases the connectors from th eports. Keys are available for custom applications and can be customised to only release the same coloured LC connector or blank adapter plug.


• Push to latch and lock system provides a secure and tamper proof connection

• Suitable for high density patching

• Designed to fit standard LC Duplex and Quad adapters and SFP LC transceiver interfaces

• Compact Duplex LC design is compatible with SM, MM cables and 900µm tails

• Administrator extraction tool prevents unauthorised change or removal

• Connector boot colours designate fibre type and application

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