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REDETEC V-/RED - Redetec with HSSD detection only : No suppression.

Product Code: RE02-0050
Manufacturer: Redetec

Redetec is the only in-cabinet fire protection solution which puts all of the best fire detection and protection tools where the risk of fire and the threat to business continuity is greatest, in the cabinet itself.

In applications with high airflows, where the latest blade server centres generate a great deal of heat and air conditioning is essential for operation, High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) is the perfect solution to the problem of detecting the effects of fire.

Redetec have worked closely with AirSense®, the world's leading HSSD brand name to devise a Redetec solution with Airsense® built in, so that server and equipment rack enclosures can be protected even in high airflows and front to rear cooling; effectively and reliably monitoring the enclosure environment for fire incidents and providing continual fire control and incident management.

The following units are availble:

REDETEC V-RED - Redetec with HSSD (high sensitivity smoke detection) only : No suppression

REDETEC VF/RED/1.5 - Redetec with HSSD Detection: FM200 suppression for 1.5m3

REDETEC VF/RED/3.0 - Redetec with HSSD Detection: FM200 suppression for 3.0m3

REDETEC VN/RED/1.5 - Redetec with HSSD Detection: NOVEC 1230 suppression for 1.5m3

REDETEC VN/RED/3.0 - Redetec with HSSD Detection: NOVEC 1230 suppression for 3.0m3

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