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The Vision range is available in models from 800 VA to 2000 VA with sinusoidal digital technology.

The Vision range, with its advanced communications and connectivity options, is the ideal solution for installations requiring superior protection and versatility in the power supply system. Vision is the ideal solution for the protection of peripheral network devices, servers, and network backup systems.

VSD 1100

Product Code: UP07-4005

Manufacturer: Riello

VSD 1500

Product Code: UP07-4006

Manufacturer: Riello

VSD 2200

Product Code: UP07-4007

Manufacturer: Riello

VSD 3000

Product Code: UP07-4008

Manufacturer: Riello

VSD 2200ER

Product Code: UP07-4009

Manufacturer: Riello

VSD 3000ER

Product Code: UP07-4010

Manufacturer: Riello

BB SDH 72-A3

Product Code: UP07-4011

Manufacturer: Riello

BB SDH 72-M1

Product Code: UP07-4012

Manufacturer: Riello

BB SDH 72-B1

Product Code: UP07-4013

Manufacturer: Riello

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