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Product Code: ID01-2010
Manufacturer: Ideal

The IDEAL SignalTEK II handheld tester is designed to confirm correct installation of copper cabling capable of supporting voice, video, data and cctv applications over 100 Megabit or Gigabit Ethernet.

The SignalTEK II is essential for data cabling installers, IT administrators, systems integrators and facilities maintenance personnel conducting tests in a LAN environment both on passive as well as active infrastructures.

Whether the workplace is residential premises, small to medium sized offices or industrial Ethernet environments, SignalTEK II provides the user with real benefits.

• Save money by using a single multi-function device in place of separate copper and Power over Ethernet (PoE) testers.

• Increase efficiency through simplifying and accelerating cable installation, including advanced Ethernet troubleshooting.

• Cost effective way to test network links to Gigabit performance standards including IEEE802.3ab.

• Future proof your investment with a cable tester that is already IPv6 and PoE+ compatible.

SignalTEK II offers:

• Full Gigabit load cable test

• Excellent wiremapping by pin, with distance to fault indication

• Support for copper and fibre otpic networks

• Simplified network load testing through hubs and switches

Applications for SignalTEK II include:

• Test new cabling installations to generate end-user confidence in the infrastructure to support desired applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP)

• Test that existing cable can support Gigabit Ethernet

• Troubleshoot network issues by performing active networktesting through hubs and switches all the way to the server

• Run transmission tests e.g. network speed and confirm bandwidth requirements before, during and after moves, adds and changes

• Documents network connectivity and generates detailed reports proving job completion to initiate end-customer payment.

The SignalTEK II comes with a complete package of accessories. SignalTEK II is suitable for copper network testing only.

To assist customers to purchase a SignalTEK II, we can offer a Lease Rental scheme. To find out more contact the NBM sales team.

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