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Here's our top 3 reasons to deploy next-generation intelligent PDUs:

Remote-control switching

More data centres than in any previous time are operating at high power densities (8 kW to 16kW or more). Greater power load increases the chance of surges, and conversely, shorts, either of which can result in unplanned downtime.

Switched PDUs let authorised staff power cycle frozen devices from nearly any location. Management can also cut power being delivered to devices that are not in use, or are consuming an inordinate amount of electricity.

Real-time power monitoring

The moment a threshold is exceeded, authorized staff can receive alerts to inform them. With remote switching, they can deactivate certain electronics if, for instance, the PDU runs the risk of shorting.

Intelligent PDUs allow management to control each individual power outlet remotely. They enable power usage tracking at the receptacle level as part of a capacity planning strategy.

Environmental monitoring

The same power strip that is used to distribute electricity and monitor current in real time can also be used to track temperature, airflow, humidity, dew point and other environmental conditions.

These benefits, paired with power monitoring and remote switching, simplify management of high-density data centers, foster improved scalability and create new opportunities for energy efficient operations.

And as a final bonus, they reduce the chances of getting blindsided by costly unplanned downtime.

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