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01442 838 500

01442 838 500

Fibre optic connectivity can be found in almost every sector and the demand for fibre is growing at pace.

HellermannTyton provides a complete end to end range of Fibre to the X (FTTX) solutions, delivering flexible fibre connectivity across every stage of the last mile network.

HellermannTyton have designed a range of outlets, distribution boxes, customer connection points and connectorised wall boxes that, combined with the fibre splice closures, provides full end to end FTTX solutions for both new developments and existing buildings.

Depending on the size of the building, be it a large or small Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) or a Single Dwelling Unit (SDU), this range of products offers a wide range of options in fibre connectivity and distribution.

The sealed fibre splice closures from HellermannTyton protect the fibre management systems from adverse environmental conditions whilst maintaining ready access for effective cable installation. The fibres are housed in space saving modular units that minimise network disruption and have been designed to allow further modules to be added at a later date for increased capacity, ensuring a future proof design.
More customers are demanding maximum flexibility and a modular approach to cable management systems that will fit into existing and future networks. All closures have therefore been designed to cater for this requirement to accommodate the wide variety of fibre optic cables that are now available including loose tube, compact, ribbon and blown fibre / cable applications.

The comprehensive range have all been designed to drive quality and high performance connectivity in both residential and commercial applications:

  • street cabinets,
  • fibre splice closures,
  • MDU enclosures (new products coming soon!),
  • customer connection points
  • and wall outlets

We can offer a full suite of Hellermann Tyton fibre products.

See below product details:

Fibre Street Cabinets

Flexible Fibre Management System

  • 48 Port Point of Connection (expandable to 96)
  • Duct support bracket for 98 drops
  • LC Simplex (UPC/APC) presentation
  • Positive fibre management throughout
  • Support for 250μm and 900μm fibre routing and management
  • Modular construction allows for build and grow network
  • Quick and easy installation of additional trays/drop patch modules
  • Fibre storage basket for loop through applications
Flexible Fibre Management System

Multi-Port Fibre Splice Closures

Up to 59 Fibre Ports

  • 58 round ports and 1 oval port
  • Positive fibre management to ensure consistent 30mm minimum fibre bend radii throughout
  • Fibre storage basket for loop through applications
  • Bi-directional fibre routing
  • Accommodates SC, SC-B and SE trays
  • Maximum 12 splices per tray
  • Splitter accommodation
  • Cablelok compatible for all port sizes
  • Quick release cover
  • Optional pressure release valve
Multi-Port Fibre Splice Closures

MDU Fibre Enclosures - MDU - S5, MDU - S3 and MDU - S1 MDU - S5

Up to 432 Managed Fibre Splices

  • IP54 Rated
  • Splice Only and Connectorised versions available
  • Fibre Loop Storage basket
  • Horizontal and Vertical cable lay through
  • 3 Locking options
  • Up to 432 Fibre splices
  • 96 LC / 48 SC connections

MDU - S3

Small Enclosure with up to 96 Splices

  • Up to 96 Splices
  • IP54 Rated
  • 24 LC / 12 SC connections
  • Fibre Loop Storage basket
  • Horizontal and Vertical cable lay through
  • Built in spirit level
  • 3 Fibre splitter positions

MDU - S1

8 Customer Connection Points

  • Separation of spliced feeder cable from connectorised drop cables
  • 8 SC SX / LC SX customer connections
  • 2 inbound / 8 outbound ports
  • Positive fibre management (30mm min bend radius)
  • IP55 and IK09 rating
  • Tamper-proof
  • Pole or building facade mounting features
  • Low profile
MDU Fibre Enclosures

Customer Connection Enclosure (CCE)

Up to 50m of Fibre Storage

  • 6 inbound / outgoing ports
  • Through the wall capability
  • 2 SC SX / LC DX customer connections
  • 4 3A splice connections
  • Positive fibre management (30mm minimum bend radius)
  • IP54 rating
  • Loop through facility
  • Low Profile
  • Tamper-proof option available
MDU Fibre Enclosures

Customer Connection Point (CCP)

Quality Seal - IP68 Rated

  • 2 inbound/outbound ports
  • Through the wall capability
  • Positive fibre management (30mm minimum bend radius, G652D or G657 single mode fibre)
  • 2 SC SX / LC DX connections
  • Splice protector storage for 3A or ANT sleeves
  • IP68/IK08 Rated
  • Mechanical fixing for cable strength member
  • Fully detachable snap on lid
MDU Fibre Enclosures

Fibre Wall Outlet (FWOA)

LC and SC Adaptors

  • Maximum capacity: 2 SC simplex connectors or 2 LC duplex connectors
  • Installed directly on the wall or onto a flush-mount back box
  • Cable entry at the base of the unit or through the rear
  • Recessed base for use with adhesive
  • Can accommodate up to 2 splice protectors (up to 45mm)
  • Quality surface finish
  • Tamper-proof latches
  • 25mm minimum bend radius
MDU Fibre Enclosures


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