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Leviton / Copper Systems

Leviton’s copper systems combine category-rated performance with high-density, user-friendly designs to deliver the industry’s most innovative family of solutions. Whether you are supporting a large enterprise, data center, or a small business infrastructure, we have the system to fit your needs.

LEV-BRX-FIBER-FAM-2016_ALTThe Atlas-X1® system connects mission critical networks with the highest levels of performance and reliability, while eXtreme® and Plus lines offer proven performance and simple installations features for enterprise and light commercial networks.

Leviton cables are manufactured in our UK factories, and Leviton connectivity is made in our US factories, ensuring customers the highest-quality products in ISO accredited manufacturing facilities serving a global customer base.

Choose from one of Leviton’s copper platforms to meet your network needs.


For more information about Leviton’s copper solutions, visit leviton.com/ns/emea


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10 Reasons Why Leviton is a World-Class Manufacturer of MTO Copper

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